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Sample Win 8 App: CRM 2011 Metro Style Contacts

I just got back from BUILD and I am very excited about the new possibilities of Windows 8 Metro style apps.  I was very eager to get my feet wet and see how easy it would be to pull records from CRM 2011 using HTML 5 and JavaScript and here is the result.

Disclaimer:  This is just a sample application and is not intended as a full working app.  This sample will NOT work with CRM Online and requires the device to have access to the on-premise CRM.  When the app loads it will prompt for credentials to the CRM organization.  To get around these limitations, a proxy service would need to be built to interface with CRM.


Windows 8 Developer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Express for Developer Preview were used to create this Windows 8 app (  The source code for this solution can be found at application will pull from the fullname, jobtitle, address1_line1, address1_city, address1_state…


I'm very excited to be heading to BUILD next week!    It'll be my first time in California and my first time at a major development conference.  Hopefully the rumors of a Windows 8 tablet are true -

The session topics have been top secret so far but it's no secret that there will be a lot of talk about UI designing and HTML 5.  I'm excited to bring back some ideas to integrate with future CRM projects!

Stop by next week for an update!

CRM 2011 Help Visor Error

I've seen a few people on the CRM forums having an issue with the Getting Started Pane/Help Visor in CRM 2011.  It seems like the problem occurs when you install CRM on one port and then move it to a different port.

Here's the solution posted by xAirrick on this thread -

"We saw the the same problem with an CRM 2011 install.  Initially installed on http/port 80 and then we moved to https/port 443 but the help/getting started was still pointing to http/80.

There is a ConfigSettings table in MSCRM_CONFIG which has a column named HelpServerUrl which was still referencing http.  I changed this and did an iisreset and it resolved the problem."